Memorial of Ethnicity

Written by  2017.03.29.

The artwork of Mamikon Yengibarian was inaugurated on 12 october 2003 in the Park of Ethnicity of Mihály Szervét square.

The 3,5 meter high and 37 centimeter diameter limestone coloumn with a conventional, brass promeganate on top represents the collaboration of the Hungarians and the nationalities living in the country. The local municipality entrusted Mamikon Yengibariant with the preparation of the memorial. The Armenian sculptor came to Havanna housing estate to look around after being requested to carry out the task. His task was to create an artwork that represents the collaboration of the Hungarians and the nationalities living in the country and that allows to place relic objects out of deference. He sat down on a bench in the park and was taking up with the surroundings, the grey, 10-floor blocks of flats. He was thinking of a statue in harmony with the environment and giving aesthetic pleasure for the visitors. He had been working on his first idea for a while when finally it came to life. After the statue was erected he came to put the final touches on it every single day until the inauguration. People went up to him and enquired whether it was his piece of art. He was happy to see that the residents took to it.

The local municipality of Pestszentlőrinc and Pestszentimre issued a publication in the title of The Hungarians and Nationalities, in which the memorial was presented as: the pomegranate is the sacred fruit of the tree of life according to its symbolic meaning, which evokes the common origin, the first parents. The 365 seeds situated inside in division of 12 represent the unity of the nations and the different nationalities living in Hungary. The coloumn soaring high symbolizes the liberality and dynamism of the host country and the collaboration of the different cultures while the descending water represents the constant purification and eternal renewal. The quote circling in spiral and translated into the languages of the 13 nationalities is taken from St Stephen I.’s remonstrances to Prince St. Imre.

The new memorial in the Park of Ethnicity of Havanna residential estate was inaugurated by Vilmos Szabó, minister of state for Prime Minister’s Office, and László Mester dr., member of parliament.