Statue of Loránd Eötvös

Written by  2017.03.29.

The bust of Loránd Eötvös can be found in Eötvös park at the junction of Vadkert street and Hársfa street in Pestszentlőrinc. It was inaugurated on 27 july 1970 in commemoration of his 120th anniversary.

In the past this little square was the park of the famous scientist’s summer cottage. He bought the two-acre property in 1882 and he built his mansion on it. He rode his horse to get to the university to hold lectures. He had a rest after his scientific work by walking under the trees of Pestszentlőrinc, around 1890 he started his experiments in his garden on torsion balance which served for detection of rocks in the soil. Before his death he sold the mansion in 1918 which was demolished later. The famous garden was distributed into 17 smaller estates and was built in but the middle of the garden remained a public place. The statue was erected at the junction of two dead-end streets. The limestone bust is the artwork of Pál Borics who has been living in the district and died in the year before the inauguration.